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Classroom Program


The NLP classroom program is designed to give teachers and students a concise and comprehensive survey of news literacy. Though it is typically taught as a drop-in unit over the course of two or three weeks in the classroom, it may be integrated over longer time periods.

The unit has three main phases: Teacher-led lessons from NLP’s original curriculum, lessons taught by NLP journalist volunteers in person or remotely via videoconference and a final student project that builds and reflects understanding of NLP’s core concepts.

This program is fully supported for each of our partner schools by an NLP unit coordinator, who is a former teacher or journalist or both. The coordinator works with teachers to design a unit that is tailored to students’ grade levels, subject matter, needs and academic goals.

NLP coordinators train teachers using our Classroom Guide, which includes a primer on teaching news literacy, NLP’s core curriculum and a collection of supplemental lesson plans and other resources. The lessons are each aligned to 21st Century standards. NLP offers its classroom program in in New York City, Chicago and the Washington, D.C., region.

Educators and youth instructors who are interested in learning more about this offering can inquire here.