Help Test NLP’s checkology™ Virtual Classroom

The News Literacy Project’s checkology™ virtual classroom is here, and you can be among the first to try it!

For a limited time, NLP is offering premium-level access to this exciting new e-learning environment for free to teachers who apply for a waiver.

What is the checkology™ virtual classroom?

It is a dynamic library of news literacy learning experiences with rich, engaging, interactive lessons hosted by real-world professionals — from journalists to social media and First Amendment experts. It is designed to provide NLP’s comprehensive curriculum while also giving teachers a set of optional challenges and other digital tools to help them tailor the unit to their students’ needs and interests.

The virtual classroom offers two levels of access:  a premium one-to-one format, and a basic, one-to-many format.

The premium level provides an innovative, modern approach to e-learning, including features such as:

  • Student sign-in credentials for self-paced, one-to-one e-learning
  • Teacher monitoring, assessment evaluation and moderating functions
  • Student discussion wall
  • An integrated points system
  • Digital badges that document concept and skill mastery
  • Access to one or more live, virtual news literacy lessons with a journalist

This spring, NLP is offering waivers for teachers who want to try the premium version of the checkology™ virtual classroom. This is a no-cost way for teachers to get full access to all of the platform’s features from March 1, 2017 through the end of the regular academic year at no cost.

Ready to apply? Tell us more.