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2015 Supporters


Charles H. Revson Foundation
Robert R. McCormick Foundation
Ford Foundation
Dow Jones Foundation
Hearst Foundations
The Crown Family
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation
Gannett Foundation
Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C.
Simmons Foundation
The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
Chicago Tribune Foundation
The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

Individual, Corporate and Nonprofit Donors

Benefactor ($25,000 and above)


Principal ($10,000-$24,999)

Bettina Chandler
The New York Times

Publisher ($5,000-$9,999)

Lee Carroll
Linda Gelfond
Leslie Hill
Gwen Ifill
Steven Klinsky
Walt Mossberg

Producer ($2,500-$4,999)

Marcus Brauchli and Maggie Farley
Open Road Films LLC

Mentor ($1,000-$2,499)

Don Baer and Nancy Bard
Martin Baron
Geraldine Baum
Neil Budde
Gerald and Barbara Chait
Roxanne Donovan and Thomas Scarangello
Brian Fix
Elisa Buono Glazer
Matea Gold and Jonathan Lenzner
Rob King
Alan Miller
Allison Morrow
Terry Peterson
The Wall Street Journal
Catherine Woodard
Don Wycliff

Patron ($500-$999)

Jacqueline Adams
Byron and Kathryn Calame
Edward Cohen and Charlene Barshefsky
Aaron Ellis
Kayce Jennings
Peter Kadzik and Amy Weiss
Jay and Bernice Kaufman
Edmund Keeley
Michael McCurry
Anita Miller
Jerome and Lynne Miller
Stephen Shepard
Juliet Stipeche

Friend ($100-$499)

Whitney Allgood
Michael Anderson
Anne Asher
Lynn Barclay
Alison Bernstein
Tom Bettag
Diana Bianchi
Bob Blackman
Margaret Capron
Rosamond Carroll
Laurence and Ann Cove
Davidoff Communications
David and Linda Debruin
Susan and Tom Epstein
Richard and Gwain Evans
Robert E. Frye
Michael Gerson
Elizabeth Gill
Lynn Goldin and Henry Birnkrant
Richard and Judi Goodstein
Jody Green
Nancy Greenspan
Robert Jervis
Marvin Kalb
David Lauter
Bob Levey
Myron Levin
Charles Lewis
Thomas Malarkey
Larry Margasak
Mitchell Marinello
Daniel and Veronica Martin
John Matzger
Jim and Gale McCallum
Ira and Myrna Miller
Peter and Susan Osnos
William Rempel
Ricardo and Nancy Rosenberg
Alissa Rubin
Martin Saiman
Alicia Shepard
Dina Temple-Raston
David Willman
Peter Wolfe
Leo Wolinsky

Pro Bono Supporters

Dickstein Shapiro LLP
Leslie Hoffecker
Chris Sundheim
Bobbi Olson
Roy Harris Jr
Larry Margasak

John S. Carroll Memorial Fund Donors

Bettina Chandler
Leslie Hill
Bill and Diane Marimow
Alex Jones
Alex Campbell
Roy Harris
Craig Turner
Richard and Jean Masland
Roger Smith
Mary Junck
Larry & Debbie Price
Vernon Loeb
Charles Lewis
Society of Professional Journalists
Tom Sawyer
Alan Miller
Byron and Kathryn Calame
Tahlman and Elizabeth Krumm
Max and Peggy King
Margaret Carroll
John and Martha Lubell
Michael Werner
Norman and Holly Brown
Kevin Sack
Patricia Carroll
Laura Parrish Bray
Leo Wolinsky
Leslie Hoffecker
Michael York
Robert Nolte
Dennett Hansell
Betty Jo Palmer
Heather Hacker-Reilly
Patsy Palmer
G Maria Henson
Sheilagh and Tom Hammond
Ann and Theodore Tauchert
Kate Shatzkin
Jennifer and Wes Coffman
John and Donna Hall
Reese and Becky Reinhold
James and Katherine Park
Barbara and Roger Cowden
Mary Lou and Jerold Friesen
Beth Barnes
Daniel Morain
Alex Campbell
Debby and Tim Coleman
Katherine Brewer
Eleanor Sutter
George Van Meter
Susan Cowden
James Hanna
Dr. M. Wilson Eastland
Susan and William Baxter
Harry Merritt and Susan Zator
Donna A. Hall
Dr. John Hobbs
Bruce S. Foerster
Frank Pensiero
Deborah Hensley
John Beckwith
Melinda and William Massie
Sally and Joseph Huston
Paul Loop
Delia Sadler
Katie Pakenham
Jeff and Allison Brooks
Grandison and Teddy Ray
Henry Herzog
William Fortune
Patricia Milner
Howard and Charlene Staats
Merlin and Maxine Hackbart
Karl and Carol Raitz
Nancy and Kenneth Johnson
Edwin and Joan Schaeffer
James Green
Mark and Shelby Williamson
Ilean and Steve Rogers
Susan Buhrow and Sidney Whiteheart
Beth Mitchell
Samuel Kinkead
Kitty Strode
Joanne Cocanougher
William and Janet Marshall
Mike and Courtney Lagrew
Ann Windley
Eleanor Congleton
Wendy and Robert Lewis
Barbara and Jeffrey Fierstein
Susan and Ronald Byars
Marshall and Aurelia Saufley
Martha Kessinger