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Karen Sughrue

Retro Report

An Emmy Award-winning television producer, Karen is a contributing producer at the nonprofit documentary group Retro Report, launched in 2013. Retro Report looks back at high-profile events of the past, including how they were covered in the news, to understand the lessons of history and encourage the public to think more critically about current events and the media. Karen worked at CBS News’ “60 Minutes” for 14 years, where she produced stories on a wide variety of topics, including the F-22 fighter jet and its defects, the declining academic performance of boys, and the impact of the one-child policy on Chinese society. Earlier in her career at CBS, Karen served as executive producer of the Sunday news show “Face the Nation” and as bureau chief in Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall; she also covered wars, rebellions and economic change in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.